Funerals, Burials & Interments at St Peter’s

flowersShould you need to arrange a funeral, burial or interment of ashes at St Peter’s church, please phone Rev’d Philip Green on 07934 335 793 or, if he is unavailable, Mrs Jane Tompsett on 01727 821148 and either will be happy to answer your queries.

If You Need to Make Arrangements for a Funeral,  Burial or Interment.

Having to make funeral arrangements at any time is difficult enough but when you and your family have been recently bereaved trying to find your way through an unfamiliar process is sometimes almost too much to                                                                               bear.

At St Peter’s we completely understand this and work hard to make sure that you are always gently supported and guided along the way.  Rev’d Philip Green is on hand to visit you, if you wish, and to give you the care and advice needed to help you during this difficult time.

And if you need to locate an existing family plot, discuss arrangements or simply to make contact with someone at St Peter’s,  you are always free to call.

Memorial Stones in Our Churchyard

Often families wish to erect a headstone or lay a memorial stone following a burial or interment, or simply want to add a name to an existing stone. In common with all Church of England Churchyards, St Peter’s is governed by Churchyard Regulations, laid  down to ensure that the final resting place of our loved ones remain peaceful, dignified and attractive places.

Because of this, families wishing to introduce new stones or alter existing ones are asked to seek written permission from Rev’d Philip Green before commissioning expensive memorials from local stonemasons and full details cam be obtained from our Administrator, Mrs Jane Tompsett. If you are unsure whether your proposed stone falls within current regulations, just give Jane a call and she will be pleased to advise you.

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