Discover the Fascinating Tale That Is ‘The History of St Peter’s Church’

by Kenneth Barker

A History of St Peter's Church BookIf you are looking for a book to read that is both a fascinating tale, a social commentary reaching back almost 200 years and one which details the history of both London Colney and its parish church, then look no further than ‘The History of St Peter’s Church’, a book written by Kenneth Barker, a lifelong resident of London Colney and expert author in the field of local histories and family chronicles.

Comprehensively researched, Kenneth’s book runs to well over one hundred pages and contains numerous photographs, maps, plans and a gallery containing images of every vicar to have served this parish since 1826.

But this isn’t a dry old history book!   In Kenneth’s expert hands, this book weaves a tale of the lives and the characters central to the conception, building and ongoing life of St Peter’s church.

The real-life characters who fought to have our parish church built at a time when the inhabitants of London Colney were mainly just poor agricultural workers have been brought back to vibrant life as vividly as in any work of fiction.

The true, historic detail that makes this book such a fascinating read is amazing  and copies of letters and document dating from the early 19th century are just one of the things that will transport you back to The Bull Inn circa 1830 to re-live actual reported conversations of the time.

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And to think that many of us have sat in the very same place as those characters did 180 years ago!

So don’t wait any longer – you can secure your own copy of this publication today by contacting Kenneth directly via the details below.

Not only will you get your hands on one of the very best books of this type available today but through Kenneth’s kind generosity, all proceeds from any sale will be donated towards the upkeep and fabric of our parish church.


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Kenneth Barker,

64 Morris Way, London Colney, AL2 1JN.